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Carrying out an experiment


When planning your own experiment there is many processes and method that’s needs to be put in place. The main source process is health and safety ensure all equipment and components, from suppliers like you are using, are not going to cause any problems. Ensure that you wear goggles before you start your experiment this is due to substances getting into your eyes causing problems. Think about the actions you are going to be carrying out when starting your experiment. Also, create a hypothesis before carrying out your experiment as without one the experiment would be pointless as you’re trying to see if what you believe is true or false.

There are many different experiments that can be carried out via scientists or doing them at home. An experiment is a type of investigation in which a hypothesis is created then tested. A hypothesis is something you believe may happen within your experiment. Along with this, an experiment has two variables both the independent variable which is known as the cause and is then manipulated the dependent variable which is the effect.


When experiments are happening within a laboratory it is classed as a controlled experiment. This means the process carried out within the experiment needs to be in a well-controlled environment to ensure measurements are correct. When starting an experiment scientists is use a researcher to decide where the experiment will be held also the reader will check the circumstances by using a procedure.

Field Experiments

Field experiments are carried out every day in any chosen environment that scientists or day to day people will prefer to carry out their experiment. Each person that is involved in the experiment can manipulate the different variable, however, focusing more on the independent variable.

Natural Experiments

Experiments can be carried out anywhere possible, as days go on more people are finding new information that we didn’t know. A natural experiment is conducted in everyday life by anyone depending on the environment.